Litigation Funding Borrowers


With a business-friendly approach that blends aspects of traditional banking and alternative approaches to lending, Virage’s financial solutions can enhance your operational efficiency and accelerate the growth of your firm.

Virage sets itself apart by managing the funds it deploys, offering favorable terms for lawyers and law firms, fast fund deployment upon approval, creative tailored solutions, and a long-term approach after the transaction is closed. Virage’s loan process is efficient, with a target closing of three weeks or less following receipt of all due diligence items from your firm. Additionally, Virage’s goal is to develop an in-depth understanding of its borrowers’ businesses, as well as lasting, long-term relationships with them.


Whether it is helping lawyers network on litigations, developing cases, or understanding where opportunities lie in the vast contingency fee litigation landscape, Virage has developed a highly sustainable business with an experienced borrower base.

Based in Houston, Texas, Virage serves contingency fee plaintiff’s lawyers and law firms primarily throughout the United States. Virage understands contingency fee attorneys and law firms — and how to value their clients’ cases — better than traditional banks and lenders. Virage knows how to develop and execute your goals and do so with favorable terms and bespoke products to allow you to achieve higher levels of success for your clients and business. When you need litigation financing services, turn to our team.

Funds Immediately Available upon Approval

Virage Capital Management LP provides market-leading litigation funding for contingency fee attorneys and law firms that provide client services on a contingency fee basis, billable hour basis, and combination of the two.

Virage believes in offering favorable, business-friendly terms, as well as an expeditious loan funding process — Virage’s target closing is three weeks or less following the receipt of all due diligence items from the potential borrower. And, because Virage works directly with investors, it has funds available on-hand to deploy immediately upon approval.


Whether you self-fund your operations, have a line of credit with a traditional bank, use co-counsel to joint venture, or have some alternative form of financing, there is a cost of the capital you use. That cost of capital is determined by a multitude of factors, such as any lock-up period; the interest rate and whether the interest compounds daily, monthly, or annually; whether there is an interest reserve; and other fees charged by a lender.

Before committing to borrowing funds, you should conduct a “cost of money” analysis. To this end, Virage regularly speaks with a firm’s accountant, CPA, CFO, or others to ensure that it gets what it expects. With Virage, you will get funds priced fairly and on good terms.

Contact Virage Capital Management at (713) 714-5355 to learn more about our litigation financing.

What Makes Virage Different From Other Lenders?

  • Virage does not charge a fee for conducting due diligence
  • Virage has an efficient review and approval process
  • Virage manages the funds it deploys
  • Virage will work with firms to find creative financing solutions
  • Virage will provide references
  • Virage will, early on, provide a term sheet and draft loan document
  • Virage has experienced contingency fee trial lawyers, and other experienced lawyers in-office and involved in the due diligence process
  • Virage’s general terms and loan structure were designed to specifically meet the needs of a contingency fee lawyer and law firm:
    • No prepayment penalties
    • No multi-year lockup
    • No mandatory debt service
    • No mandatory monthly, quarterly, or annual interest payments
    • No interim fees
    • No interest reserve
    • Virage has a borrower-friendly waterfall for repayment
    • Virage seeks to encumber only the case collateral required to support the loan

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