About Virage

About Virage Capital Management LP

Providing Financial Solutions to Litigation Firms Nationwide

Established in 2013, Virage has set itself apart as a leader in litigation funding. When it comes to securing operating and growth capital, attorneys and law firms have a variety of options, including working with traditional lenders such as banks, engaging in joint ventures with other law firms, self-funding, or seeking alternative funding through various groups. Virage Capital Management LP’s goal is to combine the best of these methods into a single funding product specifically designed to help borrowers achieve a higher level of expansion, efficiency, and success.

What Sets Virage Apart

There are many facets to the “true cost of money” — interest rates, access to funds, prepayment terms, fees, and transaction structures to name a few. Virage offers fair terms in a business-friendly manner that has allowed it to earn a reputation as a trusted partner in their borrowers’ businesses.

Virage stands apart in the industry in two primary ways:

Lending History

  • Since 2013, Virage has funded over $1.1 billion
  • Virage has worked with hundreds of firms in over 23 states across the U.S.

Favorable Terms for Borrowers

  • No prepayment fees
  • Flexible repayment waterfall
  • No mandatory debt servicing
  • No quarterly or annual interim/maintenance fees
  • One-time origination fee for loan amount and new advances

Additionally, Virage is set apart due to its high ethical standards, its fast turnaround (target closing of three weeks or less following receipt of all due diligence items from the firm), and the long-term relationships it has built with borrowers.

Who Does Virage Work With?

Virage has established itself in the litigation funding market, bringing terms and structure that had not been seen before. Virage’s growth has enabled it to work with leading firms across the country, whether the “tip of the spear” trial lawyers, the firms which settle individual or massive litigations, or the firms in between, which have cases that require funding and, perhaps, networking. Virage also works with firms that engage in a hybrid of both contingency fee and billable hour work.

Virage seeks to have borrowers view it as a partner in their business and in their success. Confidentiality is of the highest importance to Virage in all its transactions. We provide references upon request.


Virage Capital Management LP sponsored and manages Virage Recovery Master LP (“VRM”), a private investment vehicle which launched in March 2018 and closed in 2020 having raised $438mm from US and European institutional investors to invest in certain claims of Medicare Advantage Organizations through a joint investment vehicle with an affiliate of MSP Recovery LLC, a data analytics company and a specialist in identifying claims under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and other laws.

In October 2016 Virage began exploring a potential direct litigation finance lending transaction with MSP Recovery LLC and MSP Recovery Law Firm to support the legal and operational efforts to pursue Medicare and Medicaid claims. Virage and MSP eventually developed the strategic partnership structure through which VRM acquired claims and supports the operations of the MSP companies in identifying, pursuing, and collecting on claims.

Virage continues to pursue investment opportunities within this strategy. Together with its litigation finance strategies, Virage currently manages in excess of $1 billion.

Contact Virage Capital Management at (713) 714-5355 to learn more about how we can help you today.

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